What to do when you’re holding yourself back

Now that I’ve decided to make my dreams come true, I have to start somewhere!

To be honest, I haven’t painted in a long time. And because I stopped for so long, I was afraid to start again. I felt like my paintings wouldn’t be as good as they used to be, and that was holding me back. That’s when it hit me:

They aren’t going to be as good as they used to be. 

I used to paint everyday. I practiced every day. I was in school. It’s different now. The only way to get better again is to keep going and practice everyday.

So I’m here to tell you:

Don’t let your fears of not being the best stop you from continuing again. If there is some hobby or anything of the sort that you want to pick up again, DO IT!

GO FOR IT! There is nothing holding you back but yourself!

  1. Accept that you might not be as talented as you were a few years ago. Who cares?
  2. Just start! If it’s painting, go buy supplies and spend a day painting. If it’s running, go for a 30 minute jog after work. Don’t think, just do.
  3. Make a plan. Schedule in time to do your hobby, but don’t overwhelm yourself. Start with once a week.
  4. Stick with it. Try it for a month. If it makes you happy, schedule in more time.
  5. Enjoy your time. Have fun. Smile.


Here are some of my paintings from college:


(I need to learn how to get higher quality photos…)

And this is my progress from today! I went home on lunch break and worked on this for about 30 mins. Still has a way to go, but it was really amazing to mix paints again!



Let me know what you want to get back into, and the first step you’re going to take to get there!


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